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Meeting – 1st February

Photo by Cayusa on Flickr

There will be an online meeting at 8pm UK time on Wednesday 1st February. Just a catch up and some information for future assignments. I’d be keen for a few members to talk for a few minutes about their experiences so far, so I’m looking for volunteers. You’ll need a microphone so you can talk to the group.

Meeting room – – just log in as a guest, using your name as the username.

Also, have you found a yellow tennis ball yet? Don’t worry, you won’t be asked to juggle, although I’m sure you’re used to juggling life, work and #edtechcc!


Assignment 2 – The Sight of Sound – #edtechcca2

Air raid sirens wail in the distance. Hurried footsteps and the murmurs of a crowd. A hysterical scream and the sobbing of a child. The ‘ack ack’ of a distant anti aircraft gun. The approach of  enemy aircraft announced by a steady drone. The apprehensive, terrified silence pierced by the inevitable whine of a dropping bomb…

Sound is a powerful but often forgotten medium. Play sounds at the start of a class and the students’ chatter will fade; they’ll tune in and try to make sense of what they’re hearing.

For this assignment, combine audio effects into a soundscape to represent a place or an event. This assignment may not be suitable for all educational areas, so please feel free to create a soundscape for a scene from a favourite book or a poem, or come up with another idea.

Ideas (or come up with your own)

  • English – the above example could set the scene for a book about WW2 evacuees e.g. War Boy.
  • Drama – set the scene with sound as Antonio’s ship is caught in The Tempest
  • Geography – recreate the sounds of the Amazon Rainforest
  • History – recreate the sounds of a famous battle

Where to get sound effects


Suggested tools for mixing sound

Audio sharing sites
Use a free audio service to host your soundscape. Embed the sound in your blog or link to it on the audio service.

Hashtag #edtechcca2

Out 25th Jan 2012

Due 1st Feb 2012


A video shared by Joan about Connected Learners. I think a lot of what is mentioned in the video is relevant to #edtechcc.

First meeting recording & update

Our first meeting has been recorded and is now available.

Please also make suggestions for future assignments by using the Suggest An Assignment tab above.

Also – please find a yellow tennis ball which will be used in a future assignment.

Image by Atomic Taco (Flickr) used under CC license


Assignment 1 – Signs & Symbols – #edtechcca1

We are surrounded by signs and symbols that help us (or sometimes hinder us) in our daily lives. Some signs give us orders, some give us warnings, some identify things. Some signs have an obvious meaning and some meanings must be learned.

Symbols and signs

Make two signs or symbols using a graphics tool of your choice. The first sign should be for your own department or course, the second sign should be for another educational department or course. Use only pictures, no words. Use only simple abstracted shapes, no photographs.

Evaluate your signs by asking others to identify the associated course or department.

Post the images on your blog for discussion and suggest how you might use signs and symbols in an educational context or how you could use this exercise with students.

Suggested tools
Raven online vector editor –
Inkscape –

Hashtag #edtechcca1

Out 18th Jan 2012

Due 25th Jan 2012

First meeting – 18th January

The first meeting of #edtechcc will be held online at 8pm (UK time) on Wednesday 18th January. The URL is

Choose ‘Enter as Guest’, including your name so we can identify you.

Enthusiastic lurkers (non-participants) are welcome.

All you need to attend the meeting is a web browser with Flash plugin.

There is no need for a webcam or headset – we’ll use text chat for comments, but if anyone has anything they’d like to present or talk about via webcam, then let me know in advance.

During the meeting I’ll explain some of the background to #edtechcc and some of the ideas for forthcoming assignments. It will also be a chance for you to make suggestions, ask questions and chat with fellow participants.

The session will be recorded and the recording will be made public.

Preliminary task #edtechccp1

Your first task (to be completed by 17th January) is to post an introduction on your blog. Tell us something about yourself and what you hope to get from joining #edtechcc.

Your post may be in written form, a podcast, a video or other format. Make sure to tag this post with #edtechccp1.

Tweet when you have completed this task, including a link to your blogpost and the hashtag #edtechccp1. Post a message on the Facebook group with the same information. (Twitter & Facebook posts are optional)

Please view other people’s blogposts, say ‘hello’ and leave a comment.

This task is worth 100 Brownie Points

Additional Brownie Points may be awarded for creativity or innovation