Preliminary task #edtechccp1

Your first task (to be completed by 17th January) is to post an introduction on your blog. Tell us something about yourself and what you hope to get from joining #edtechcc.

Your post may be in written form, a podcast, a video or other format. Make sure to tag this post with #edtechccp1.

Tweet when you have completed this task, including a link to your blogpost and the hashtag #edtechccp1. Post a message on the Facebook group with the same information. (Twitter & Facebook posts are optional)

Please view other people’s blogposts, say ‘hello’ and leave a comment.

This task is worth 100 Brownie Points

Additional Brownie Points may be awarded for creativity or innovation


About colinmaxwell

Creative Industries lecturer. Photographer, designer, game developer, film maker. Scotland.

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  1. Just tried searching Facebook under Ed Tech and Creative Collective and couldn’t locate the FB group… any pointers? Thank you!

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