Finishing #edtechcca4 and #edtechcca5


This week, take all of the photographs you took for #edtechcca5 and add them to your blog. You can do this by simply embedding the photos or you could use a slideshow such as Slideshare or Animoto. The choice is yours.

Hopefully you’ve found the photography assignments quite creative – it’s something I get my students to do from time to time as it makes them be creative every day and look for inspiration all around them. By sharing your photos you can see how others interpreted the brief. There used to be a site called Dailyshoot that gave you a daily photography brief, but they’ve stopped issuing them. The old assignments are still available on the Daily Shoot Assignment archive.


Hopefully you have all made a video for our Tennis Rally. Please upload them to my Dropbox via the link below. Once the videos start coming in I will post links to the clips so that they can be downloaded and you can start editing them into a tennis rally. Use whatever software you have to hand – iMovie, Windows Movie Maker, WeVideo, etc

Editing video can often be problematic as there is no single standard for video files. Videos may be AVI, Quicktime or MPEG, or a dozen other formats. Sometime editing software isn’t compatible with some formats. This is a real nuisance. One tool I have found indispensable is the FREE version of AVC (Any Video Converter), for Windows. It can convert between most common video files formats.

Once you’ve made your video, share it via a popular video sharing site such as Youtube or Vimeo.

Dropbox link – the password is student


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