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Assignment 8 – This Is The End – #edtechcca8

The final assignment for #edtechcc is here.

You must summarise what you have gained or achieved through participating in The Educational Technology Creative Collective.  You  have a choice of how you do this.


make a visual presentation of what you’ve gained / achieved – use a tool of your choice, a video, Prezi, Animoto, etc


make an audio recording of your experiences (perhaps John Johnston will consider it for his EDUtalk site).


Assignment 7 – Storytime – #edtechcca7

This assignment is about writing a story. I made this tool as a prompt for game design students to come up with ideas for new video games. I’ve heard of English teachers using similar tools (a set of cards) as a prompt for story writing.

Generate two random characters, a location and an objective using the tool below and then try writing a plausible story based on the random elements. The story may be for a book, film or videogame.

Remember that most stories start with a character who wants to achieve a goal and ends with the character achieving it. It’s the middle part of the story that is the hardest – when the character comes up against an obstacle that they must overcome to achieve their goal.

Assignment 6 – Mapping it out – #edtechcca6

Make a custom map using Google Maps.

Use Google Maps to create your own custom map that includes photographs of places.

Think about the purpose of your map. Here are some suggestions.

  1. Create a photographic tour of an area.
  2. Use the map to show examples of local architecture.
  3. Create a tour of historic sites.
  4. Create a campus map of your local college or university.
  5. A map showing land use for geography.

Share your map on your blog either by embedding it or by linking to it.

Any photographs you use should be your own or licensed under Creative Commons.