#edtechcc is run by Colin Maxwell, digital media lecturer at Carnegie College in Scotland.

The Educational Technology Creative Collective is a personal project and is not affiliated with any organisation or business.

What is the Educational Technology Creative Collective?

It is a collaboration of educators investigating and experimenting with digital technologies to enhance education. It is open to anyone (especially educators). The first iteration of #edtechcc will run for 12 weeks starting mid to late January 2012. Enrolment is now open – please follow the instructions on the Register page above.

Being part of #edtechcc means taking part in assignments. Each assignment will involve using different technologies to create a digital artefact that may have educational value. Check the Assignments page for an example.

There will be assignments every week and online meetings every month. There is no requirement to complete all of the assignments, however the more you participate, the more you are likely to gain from it.

Sharing is an important part of #edtechcc. Participants will blog about their experiences of each assignment, explaining their ideas, describing their creative process and reflecting on their successes and failures. Participants will be able to comment on each others work. Participants will share their work via Twitter and other social media sites. Participants are also required to license their work under a Creative Commons license so that others may re-use it.


Business and government have been saying that future employees need to be conversant with digital and social media, that they need to be creative and entrepreneurial. #edtechcc is an attempt to kickstart the creative process and get educators working together using digital and social media, to learn from each other and to give them skills and knowledge to pass on to their students and pupils.

Creativity is a good habit to get into. Make it a habit and creativity becomes easier.

Educators can learn a lot from each other. #edtechcc will give you an opportunity to see the work of others, be inspired by it, talk about it and build your Personal Learning Network in a new and different way.

Is it an online course?

Yes and No. There are elements that resemble a course, but there is no certification at the end of it.

  1. There will be an assignment every  week for participants to complete.
  2. You won’t receive credit for participating.
  3. There will be very little teaching, however the idea of a ‘collective’ means that there should be support available from the group if you become stuck.
  4. There will be learning if people participate in the activities.
  5. There will be reflection and collaboration, again if people participate.

What do I need to start?

You need:

  1. to be an educator, or have a professional interest in education.
  2. an email address. (optional)
  3. Twitter account. Please use the hashtag #edtechcc when tweeting about the Educational Technology Creative Collective. (optional)
  4. a blog (WordPress is the preferred system). The blog must support ‘tagging’ of posts. This may be an existing blog or a new blog for #edtechcc. (essential)
  5. Facebook account (to participate in the FB group). (optional)
  6. some IT skills and familiarity with online tools and social media.
  7. access to a computer with Internet access. A smartphone or tablet may not be capable of supporting the online tools you will need to use.
  8. access to some basic ICT equipment e.g. camera, video camera, audio recording (most modern phones have these features).
  9. accounts with various free online social media sites and digital media tools (required for some assignments). These may include Flickr, Google, Slideshare, etc. Each assignment will indicate any specific requirements.

#edtechcc was inspired by Jim Groom’s DS106 Massively Open Online Course (MOOC).


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