Brownie Points

Brownie Points are earned by completing tasks for #edtechcc.

Completing an assignment earns 100 Brownie Points.

Brownie Points can also be are earned for other tasks that occur during an #edtechcc session.

  1. My colleague Grainne Hamilton has been investigating Open Badges and considering the implications for learning and assessment. She has blogged about this and I’ve included links below but briefly, she suggests that open badges could provide a framework for credentialising soft as well as hard skills to provide a more holistic view of someone’s capabilities. Although it is not without challenges and there is much work still to be done to create a working framework, it could have a significant impact on the assessment landscape. I thought some of you might find the idea interesting and I think it’s a movement to keep an eye on.

    • Thanks Joan. I’d seen the open badges project wanted to introduce some kind of achievement or gamification to #edtechcc. Brownie points are a simplified system, but if #edtechcc continues, I will look at something more complex.

  2. I like your Brownie Points system Colin – nice and simple

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