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Assignment rules

  1. Share!
  2. Once you complete the assignment, add it to your blog. Try to embed it into your post, but if this is not possible then include a link to your work.
  3. Explain your process. What tools did you use? Were they easy to use? What difficulties did you experience? Are the tools available in your school or place of work? Do you have any advice or tips for others? Suggest how this could be used in your subject area or in another subject area.
  4. Comment on other participants’ blogposts. Try to give constructive criticism and suggestions in a few sentences rather than a simple ‘great work!’.
  5. Tweet about your work and post it in the Facebook group. Remember to use the assignment’s hashtag.
  6. Don’t apologise or make excuses. We’re busy people and things will get in the way of our participation. We know that. Take as much as you like, give as much as you want.

Sample assignment #edtechcc-s1
This is an example assignment – real assignments will be posted here in due course.

Use the online slideshow tool Photo Peach to tell a digital story.

The story should be related to an academic area or subject.

Some examples:

  1. Geography – describe a country, city or region using images and text.
  2. Science – describe the work of a famous scientist and the relevance of their work.
  3. English – select a book and summarise the story with images and text.

Use only Creative Commons licensed images and be sure to attribute each image appropriately. You may use the Creative Commons Search Engine to assist in finding suitable images. The Wikimedia Commons site is another useful source of images.

Blog about your experiences of creating your digital story. Explain your idea, the process you followed, and explain the educational value of your digital artefact. Tag the blog with the hashtag #edtechcc-s1. Share a link to your blog on Twitter including the same hashtag.

  1. Collin – have tried to get into PhotoPeach 4 times over the last week – is it down?

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