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Assignment 8 – This Is The End – #edtechcca8

The final assignment for #edtechcc is here.

You must summarise what you have gained or achieved through participating in The Educational Technology Creative Collective.  You  have a choice of how you do this.


make a visual presentation of what you’ve gained / achieved – use a tool of your choice, a video, Prezi, Animoto, etc


make an audio recording of your experiences (perhaps John Johnston will consider it for his EDUtalk site).


Assignment 7 – Storytime – #edtechcca7

This assignment is about writing a story. I made this tool as a prompt for game design students to come up with ideas for new video games. I’ve heard of English teachers using similar tools (a set of cards) as a prompt for story writing.

Generate two random characters, a location and an objective using the tool below and then try writing a plausible story based on the random elements. The story may be for a book, film or videogame.

Remember that most stories start with a character who wants to achieve a goal and ends with the character achieving it. It’s the middle part of the story that is the hardest – when the character comes up against an obstacle that they must overcome to achieve their goal.

Assignment 6 – Mapping it out – #edtechcca6

Make a custom map using Google Maps.

Use Google Maps to create your own custom map that includes photographs of places.

Think about the purpose of your map. Here are some suggestions.

  1. Create a photographic tour of an area.
  2. Use the map to show examples of local architecture.
  3. Create a tour of historic sites.
  4. Create a campus map of your local college or university.
  5. A map showing land use for geography.

Share your map on your blog either by embedding it or by linking to it.

Any photographs you use should be your own or licensed under Creative Commons.

Tennis Video Clips

Download the individual clips here – happy editing!

John 1 (Quicktime MOV)On the phone!

Colin  (AVI)Darth Vader

Mel 1  (AVI) Whisky

Mel 2  (AVI) Giant pencil

Helen (mp4)

Kim (mp4)

Leigh (mp4)

Blue Head (MOV)

Fan (MOV)

Boxing Glove (MOV)

Gareth1 (WMV)

Gareth2 (WMV)

Gareth3 (WMV)

Gareth4 (WMV)

Finishing #edtechcca4 and #edtechcca5


This week, take all of the photographs you took for #edtechcca5 and add them to your blog. You can do this by simply embedding the photos or you could use a slideshow such as Slideshare or Animoto. The choice is yours.

Hopefully you’ve found the photography assignments quite creative – it’s something I get my students to do from time to time as it makes them be creative every day and look for inspiration all around them. By sharing your photos you can see how others interpreted the brief. There used to be a site called Dailyshoot that gave you a daily photography brief, but they’ve stopped issuing them. The old assignments are still available on the Daily Shoot Assignment archive.


Hopefully you have all made a video for our Tennis Rally. Please upload them to my Dropbox via the link below. Once the videos start coming in I will post links to the clips so that they can be downloaded and you can start editing them into a tennis rally. Use whatever software you have to hand – iMovie, Windows Movie Maker, WeVideo, etc

Editing video can often be problematic as there is no single standard for video files. Videos may be AVI, Quicktime or MPEG, or a dozen other formats. Sometime editing software isn’t compatible with some formats. This is a real nuisance. One tool I have found indispensable is the FREE version of AVC (Any Video Converter), for Windows. It can convert between most common video files formats.

Once you’ve made your video, share it via a popular video sharing site such as Youtube or Vimeo.

Dropbox link – the password is student

Assignments 4 & 5 – Double Exposure – #edtechcca4, #edtechcca5

This is a double assignment that will last for two weeks.

Part One – #edtechcca4

Make a video clip of yourself hitting your tennis ball as if you are playing in a tennis match. You may make more than one clip, however you must hit the ball with a different random object each time (the sillier, the better!). After two weeks we will gather all of the clips together and edit them together to make a long tennis rally video. At the end of the two weeks I’ll post instructions on how to share your videos with the group. The completed tennis rally video is due on 29th February.

Part Two – #edtechcca5

A new photographic assignment will be posted here every two days until February 20th. Make as many of these photographs as you can and share them on our Facebook group. The Kodak website contains some tips on taking better photos.

Photo Assignments

  1. 8th – Make a photograph of a plastic object that you’ve used today.
  2. 10th – Make a photograph where LIGHT is a main element in the image.
  3. 12th – Make a photo of part of an everyday object and let everyone guess what it is.
  4. 14th – Make a photograph focussing on nature – animals, plants, landscapes, etc.
  5. 16th – Make of photograph of technology that you use often.
  6. 18th – What’s the weather like this weekend?
  7. 20th – Take a photograph from an unusual angle.

Assignment 3 – Comic Timing – #edtechcca3

Image by Abby Nichols (aknichols01 on Flickr) used under Creative Commons license.

Make a comic-strip style set of instructions for a practical task. The task you choose is entirely up to you. It could be something that relates to your subject area, or alternatively you can do something more generic like starting up and shutting down a computer, how to set an alarm clock, or how to use the office photocopier.

You could draw your instructions on paper and scan/photograph them or you could use an online comic tool. You could also use photographs and make a photo story with speech bubbles.

Here are some links to online comic tools. Some may be more useful than others so you may want to evaluate them before committing. You may use a different tool if you can find one.

Assignment 2 – The Sight of Sound – #edtechcca2

Air raid sirens wail in the distance. Hurried footsteps and the murmurs of a crowd. A hysterical scream and the sobbing of a child. The ‘ack ack’ of a distant anti aircraft gun. The approach of  enemy aircraft announced by a steady drone. The apprehensive, terrified silence pierced by the inevitable whine of a dropping bomb…

Sound is a powerful but often forgotten medium. Play sounds at the start of a class and the students’ chatter will fade; they’ll tune in and try to make sense of what they’re hearing.

For this assignment, combine audio effects into a soundscape to represent a place or an event. This assignment may not be suitable for all educational areas, so please feel free to create a soundscape for a scene from a favourite book or a poem, or come up with another idea.

Ideas (or come up with your own)

  • English – the above example could set the scene for a book about WW2 evacuees e.g. War Boy.
  • Drama – set the scene with sound as Antonio’s ship is caught in The Tempest
  • Geography – recreate the sounds of the Amazon Rainforest
  • History – recreate the sounds of a famous battle

Where to get sound effects


Suggested tools for mixing sound

Audio sharing sites
Use a free audio service to host your soundscape. Embed the sound in your blog or link to it on the audio service.

Hashtag #edtechcca2

Out 25th Jan 2012

Due 1st Feb 2012

Preliminary task #edtechccp1

Your first task (to be completed by 17th January) is to post an introduction on your blog. Tell us something about yourself and what you hope to get from joining #edtechcc.

Your post may be in written form, a podcast, a video or other format. Make sure to tag this post with #edtechccp1.

Tweet when you have completed this task, including a link to your blogpost and the hashtag #edtechccp1. Post a message on the Facebook group with the same information. (Twitter & Facebook posts are optional)

Please view other people’s blogposts, say ‘hello’ and leave a comment.

This task is worth 100 Brownie Points

Additional Brownie Points may be awarded for creativity or innovation