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Tennis Video Clips

Download the individual clips here – happy editing!

John 1 (Quicktime MOV)On the phone!

Colin  (AVI)Darth Vader

Mel 1  (AVI) Whisky

Mel 2  (AVI) Giant pencil

Helen (mp4)

Kim (mp4)

Leigh (mp4)

Blue Head (MOV)

Fan (MOV)

Boxing Glove (MOV)

Gareth1 (WMV)

Gareth2 (WMV)

Gareth3 (WMV)

Gareth4 (WMV)


Meeting 2 – Recording

Our second meeting was recorded and you can view it here.

Many thanks to Gareth, Helen and Kimberley, who introduced themselves and talked about their experiences so far on #edtechcc.

There were also a lot of suggestions for future assignments and we discussed the ‘tennis ball’ assignment – watch the recording to find out what that’s all about!

Some of the suggestions for new assignments were –

  • Digital photography
  • Infographics
  • Using Prezi
  • Using Google Maps
  • A day in 3 pictures

If there are any more suggestions, or if you’d like to write an assignment then please add a comment to this post with your idea. Thanks!

Meeting – 1st February

Photo by Cayusa on Flickr

There will be an online meeting at 8pm UK time on Wednesday 1st February. Just a catch up and some information for future assignments. I’d be keen for a few members to talk for a few minutes about their experiences so far, so I’m looking for volunteers. You’ll need a microphone so you can talk to the group.

Meeting room – – just log in as a guest, using your name as the username.

Also, have you found a yellow tennis ball yet? Don’t worry, you won’t be asked to juggle, although I’m sure you’re used to juggling life, work and #edtechcc!


A video shared by Joan about Connected Learners. I think a lot of what is mentioned in the video is relevant to #edtechcc.

First meeting – 18th January

The first meeting of #edtechcc will be held online at 8pm (UK time) on Wednesday 18th January. The URL is

Choose ‘Enter as Guest’, including your name so we can identify you.

Enthusiastic lurkers (non-participants) are welcome.

All you need to attend the meeting is a web browser with Flash plugin.

There is no need for a webcam or headset – we’ll use text chat for comments, but if anyone has anything they’d like to present or talk about via webcam, then let me know in advance.

During the meeting I’ll explain some of the background to #edtechcc and some of the ideas for forthcoming assignments. It will also be a chance for you to make suggestions, ask questions and chat with fellow participants.

The session will be recorded and the recording will be made public.

This is EdTechCC

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Find out about the Educational Technology Creative Collective on the About page or find out when registration is opening.

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