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First meeting recording & update

Our first meeting has been recorded and is now available.

Please also make suggestions for future assignments by using the Suggest An Assignment tab above.

Also – please find a yellow tennis ball which will be used in a future assignment.

Image by Atomic Taco (Flickr) used under CC license



Assignment 1 – Signs & Symbols – #edtechcca1

We are surrounded by signs and symbols that help us (or sometimes hinder us) in our daily lives. Some signs give us orders, some give us warnings, some identify things. Some signs have an obvious meaning and some meanings must be learned.

Symbols and signs

Make two signs or symbols using a graphics tool of your choice. The first sign should be for your own department or course, the second sign should be for another educational department or course. Use only pictures, no words. Use only simple abstracted shapes, no photographs.

Evaluate your signs by asking others to identify the associated course or department.

Post the images on your blog for discussion and suggest how you might use signs and symbols in an educational context or how you could use this exercise with students.

Suggested tools
Raven online vector editor –
Inkscape –

Hashtag #edtechcca1

Out 18th Jan 2012

Due 25th Jan 2012